4 Most Important Essential Oils To Help You Be Stress Free

Life is too complicated nowadays. You are surrounded by a mountain of work with high pressure. The most wanted thing of you seems to be a very simple moment you are sitting next to best essential oil diffuser nebulizer which spread out good scent to help you easily fall asleep.

Now, my biggest wish is to have a free day. In this special day, I would love to spend my whole day on my couch with my snack on my hand and watch my favorite movie in a room fulfilled with scent of lavender – my beloved flower. If I have one day like this, I think I would be able to release all of my blues and depression I get during work and stuff of daily life.

Do you know that each type of oil has distinctive effect on your physical and emotional treatment? Today, I would like to introduce you seven types of essential oil from plants and flowers to give you the best treatment to release stress and pressure of life.

  1. Oil from princess of all flower

Among many different flowers, lavender is considered princess of all types of flower. The oil made from lavender is extremely good at helping people keep calm and beat up the stress. As a result, people often diffuse oil from lavender in massage room or in bedroom.

  1. Frankincense

This flower is quite strange to most of you. According to scientist, oil of frankincense provides people with comfort, warmth and exotic aroma. It is extremely good to enhance human’s mood. Therefore, you can be conscious enough at work to get the best result at work or at studying and Sleep.

  1. Oil of chamomile

Chamomile oil is a good formula for you to get rid of anger. It is able to cool you down when the fire is going to burn up your head. It helps you keep your balance and stability of your emotion and your mood. With a stable mind, you can achieve more goals than with a complex one. The most popular type of chamomile oil is roman chamomile oil. The roman chamomile oil is magical to enhance your sleep.

  1. Bergamot oil

Bergamot oil is as useful as other oil from fruit. It has a very fresh scent of fruit. This kind of scent stimulates your energy and your mood. You can easily break down the wall of pressure surrounding you. About oil from fruit, there are a lot of different types of oil from fruit I want to recommend you in this article, for instance, oil from lemon or lime. You can easily make oil from lime and lemon. You can smell directly the oil from the skin of the lemon and lime or do some treatment first then take the oil to use. The oil from fruits is obviously fresher than that of flowers. As a result, people often use oil made from fruits to stimulate their energy and emotion. Whenever you smell the scent of food, you will never feel blue or depressed.


The question here is that how to diffuse oil in your room or your office. You can consider two ways to diffuse oil in your room.

  • Using an oil diffuser: using an oil diffuser is a simple way for you to spread oil and scent of oil around your room or your office. You can go to a super market to buy an essential oil diffuser. The automatic operation of the oil diffuser makes it easier for you to make the scent of the oil spread out your room. Especially when you put the oil diffuser in your bedroom, you can easily fall asleep and enjoy your good sleep the whole night.
  • Dropping oil: Dropping oil is the other way I want to introduce you. This way seems not to be very effective. The smell of oil might be too strong if you drop it on your pillow or your mattress. Moreover, the oil will concentrate in only some specific places where you drop the oil on.

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