The Best Way Cleaning A Car


The majority of people is not excited about cleaning car, house, or cloth. It is not fun! Nonetheless, once you have owned a car, you ought to spend a little time in cleaning it in comparison with others.

Your car is one of the objects that will be seen everywhere – in the office, at home or anywhere you go. Consequently, it is significant that you have to keep both the cleaning appearance of your car. It is not too difficult as well as you thought. You may clean your car only with the vacuum cleaner, hose, or soap at home. Nevertheless, to bring the truth beauty for your car, you need to know how to clean in each part of the car. Let’s learn together!

The Best Way Cleaning A Car

Cleaning the leather

It sounds extreme. However, it will be force you to clean it if your car has owned the high-grade leather. Let’s purchase a kit of cleaning the leather and keep it in your car – Leather Master Leather Care Kit with Ink Lifter, for example. In case you directly clean the oops, your cleaning will not only become easy but also save time. On the contrary, if you wait for ink, lipstick or dye that transfers from the clothes, you will be able to take at least twenty-four hours in order to clean. Before beginning to remove the stain, you should use a conditioner to pre-treat the leather. Then, the ink on the pre-treated leather needs to be wiped and rubbed. Waiting for thirty seconds, you use a clean cloth so as to wipe it. Next, it uses the protection cream of the leather and the leather cleaner.

In what way to vacuum your car

You ought to know that your car will become unsightly if it gets the dirt. Simply, you only need to maintain your car. Like that, your vehicle will look new entirely. Beyond that, the cleaning interior also helps you to have a better environment during the process of driving. How do you vacuum your car?

Step #1: Selecting the best vacuum cleaner for caring for your car.

  • To serve for all interiors of your vehicle, the vacuum cleaner needs to have a few of attachments, which involve soft, wide, and narrow brush.
  • Let’s consider the hand-held vacuum because its size is compact. In that way, it is easy to carry and store in your car.
  • To utilize the cordless vacuum cleaner in case accessing to the power outlet is not convenient.

Step #2: Removing all trash or even personal effects out of the interior of your vehicle.

Step #3: To clean the floor mats, it pulls them out of your car.

  • Shaking the mats in order to remove rocks or dirt.
  • Utilizing the vacuum cleaner so as to vacuum most particles, which are stuck.

Step #4: To vacuum the floor of your car.

Step #5: Utilizing a large attachment to the wide floor surface. You ought to slide all seats in the forward. Like that, you will have a big area with the attachment to clean under the seats.

Step #6: Utilizing the attachment with the small and narrow type so as to clean the surface of pedals, the console, and the position among the seats.

Step #7: Checking the stains on the carpet.

  • To spray an upholstery cleaner or a carpet cleaner on the stains. The amount of cleaner and time must follow the guides on the container.
  • To vacuum the stained area. It repeats this one if it is necessary.

Step #8: Utilizing a soft brush so as to clean the two sides of the visors, the doors, and the dashboards.

Step #9: Using the small soft brush attachment in order to clean the seats – debris between the back of the seat and the seat. It avoids scratching the leather. Let’s be careful!

Step #10: Opening the trunk, hatching the area, and vacuuming all debris and dirt.

Step #11: Deodorizing from the carpet.

  • Baking soda or sprinkling the carpet freshener to eliminate the musty smells from the carpet.
  • Sprinkling a little the powder for a few of minutes.
  • Vacuuming the carpet again so as to eliminate the powder.

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